laying down the aloha.


I describe it as acoustic and electric with a touch of world. My live show is a mix of guitar, ukulele, kalimba, and just about anything else I can find.

I also use Ableton Live for an additional element here and there. I love using Ableton for productions I couldn’t otherwise achieve (I just don’t have room for half a dozen taiko drums). Here is some of my Ableton work - which I also do acoustic, stripped down with a looper pedal (or not - and I just pack the laptop). Enjoy. Mahalo.



Like a handpan, only obtainable. Love playing these. The closest thing to a hand pan I could get to before finding the Hapi Drum. Still love my kalimbas though. Solid or cigar box with a pickup, they’re all good. Tip of the hat to my father-in-law for some of the engineering and jigs for these guys.

the trident

Designed by a 5 year old. My son wanted a guitar with three necks and five strings. He drew a picture; we built it over Labor Day weekend. It’s mad. It’s awesome; and totally my son in spirit.

punch box

My first guitar build. After the boys and I put together a CB Gitty guitar, I had to design and build one myself. A sweet little box for some late night picking. Currently residing in a new home.

the tigers

Mileage built in. I couldn’t turn in my old plate. The milage and the years are all in there. Scraps in the garage plus a few tuners makes a dynamite guitar. The tail piece is a nod to the family. Tuned to C for some barritone goodness.


Yep, it’s a soup can. And it was delicous. Clam chowder, if you care. If not, it’s okay because it sounds awesome. Another plus is the boys love grabbing it and singing their favorite song while striking some crazy rock star poses. Playing it with a stick reminds me of Tony Levin’s funk fingers.

diddley bow

An electric stick. The next build after the canjo. I wanted a live stick to cover G and A and this fits the bill. Surprisingly soulful.


Musician, adventurer, photographer, and educational technologist (and occasional adjunct professor) from the Philadelphia suburbs. If that doesn't cover enough ground, I also pretend that I know what I'm doing as a parent and husband.

stuff I play: Electric and acoustic guitar (6, 7 and 12 string), 8 string electric guitar, cigar box guitars, diddley bows, canjos, 6 string bass, piano, lap steel, resonator, tenor banjo, ukulele, kalimba, Zendrum, Hapi drum, djembe, Midi Fighters, Push, and anything that I can make a sound with (and not necessarily in that order).

stuff I make: Kalimbas, guitars with cigar boxes and license plates, Legos, whatever odds & ends I need, and a colossal mess (which I clean up).