{john caputo}
  • domino

    Named after the box I built the kalimba out of. Something different; one of my kalimbas and some samples of the random percussion instruments I have in my collection. I detuned a lot of stuff; I was thinking taiko.
  • punch

    Who says you need to buy a guitar? What a great Jack White line. This guitar came together in about a week. It's the first in a planned series of three, exploring different styles of construction.
  • cigar box kalimba

    Last weekend's build was my first try at a box kalimba. I've had quite a few solid bodies leave the workbench; but a box (while doable) just didn't meet my normal build hours. In other words, when you only have a few minutes a night to fool around after the house is asleep, running power tools just doesn't work. Enter the cigar box.
  • making music with the boys

    This project came about rather unexpectedly. While searching for kalimba making materials, I stumbled across a great resource for cigar box guitars. Which naturally led to the question, “can you build a guitar with a 2 year old and a 4 year old?”

  • sindia

    And that's a wrap...on the warm weather in Pennsylvania, anyway. This is the first track I did with my Ableton Push, and I'm happy to say it sounds like my music.
  • switchcraft

    Almost out of summer. Again. I leisurely put this tune together while I was putting my music room back together over the past several months. It reminds me of the laid back stroll that a good summer should have.

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