Endless summer

I’m still in denial, drinking Hawaiian beverages and playing light grooves. Enjoy summer with a few tunes that capture my summer for 2015.


The Trident

As my son says, he invented this. Three necks and five strings; the guitar he wanted for himself. He drew the design, and we built it over Labor Day weekend.


Fresh from the bench

Retired license plate, now my favorite resonator guitar with four strings. Some chill slide playing as the weather starts to turn.


They call me John.

I'm a musician, adventurer, photographer, and educational technologist from the Philadelphia suburbs. If that doesn't cover enough ground, I also pretend that I know what I'm doing as a parent and husband. I also moonlight as an adjunct professor for an awesome local university.

Relax, release the illusion of control, and enjoy the wave.

Stuff I play: Electric and acoustic Guitar (6, 7 and 12 string), 8 string electric guitar, cigar box guitars, diddley bows, canjos, 6 string bass, piano, lap steel, resonator, tenor banjo, ukulele, kalimba, Zendrum, Hapi drum, djembe, Midi Fighters, Push, and anything that I can make a sound with (and not necessarily in that order).

Stuff I make: Kalimbas, guitars with cigar boxes and license plates, Legos, and a colossal mess (which I clean up).